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Garhwal Runs 2021

This run will put you through testing ascent throughout the distance, running through lush green forests and countryside of Himalayan foothills. Finishing point will be same as previous editions, Dhanaulti TOP. The route will go through the villages of Kokriyal, Dubhra, Sakalana and Daulagiri.

Total elevation gain on the race route is 7300 feet.

The 7th edition of the Garhwal Runs will have the 33 km & the 74 km categories that are the qualifying distances for the 55 km & 111 km LA ULTRA – THE HIGH, due to be held in August 2021.

The upcoming edition of the Garhwal Runs will be very differently organized than the previous editions. We are going through the COVID times and understand the risks associated with travel and large group events and gatherings. Here are some of the basic rules & guidelines you need to go through before you sign up:

  • Taking the Covid pandemic into account, this will be a self-supported event.
  • You will need to get your own crew and car.
  • Only two crew members per runner are allowed.
  • Runners not having their own cars will be given contact details of local travel agency to organize for taxi.
  • If you cheat, you’ll be cheating yourself. If you qualify by these means, you could be risking your life in Ladakh because you wouldn’t have been prepared enough to participate in La Ultra.
  • You’ll need to arrange to get to the start line and getting back from the finish line. We will not be picking you up or dropping you.
  • Even at the finish, we discourage runners to huddle around. Please maintain social distancing at all times.
  • We’ll have a staggered start, with only 5 runners starting together. Make sure you get to the start line on time (30 min before the start time).
  • Your start times will be based on your usual half marathon and full marathon times. Please share those.
  • Your bibs will be distributed at the start line, so please make sure you get to the start line with 30 min to spare.
  • Core Crew will be stationed at the start line, 21km, 33 km, 47 km, 66 km and 74 km (finish) points. We’ll have water and basic food but you are expected to have your hydration and energy foods with you or in your car.
  • From the start time, the following will be cut-off times for these distances: 21 km – 3hr 15min; 33 km – 5 hr; 47 km – 7 hrs; 74 km – 11 hr. If you miss these times, you are officially out of the race. The final decision lies with the official organizers. If you decide to carry on, it’s at your own risk. Also, there is a good chance that no one could be waiting for you at the finish.
  • Unlike the previous editions, we will not be taking any drop bags from runners to minimize the physical contact.
  • This edition is being held on two dates so we can maintain social distancing. For 21st February 2021, we’ll only accept 45-50 entries. As soon as we fill in the spots, we’ll open entries for the next date, which will be a month or so later. We’ll confirm the date later.
  • The distances on the route will be properly marked on the road as in every edition. (unless due to heavy rains the markings fade away)
  • Be aware that weather on this route can change at any time, so be prepared for snow, rain and heat. Remember to pack in the water-resistant outer shell.
  • If your start time is when it’s dark, it is advisable to carry a headlamp too.
  • Our primary interest is your safety.
  • Please respect the race officials as to what they have to say.



The race starts from Raipur Chowk Bus stand (Maharana Pratap statue) and heads to-wards Dhanaulti – Surkanda Devi road via Maldevta.

Race start point location – Click here

Registrations for the 7th Garhwal Runs (2021) will open on 14th January. To register, click here


 The fee will include –

  • Limited race time support to the extent as mentioned under the event description.
  • Event T-shirt
  • Event Medal


  • Transport to the start line
  • Transport from the finish line back to Dehradun
  • Travel to Dehradun from your city & back.
  • Transportation to the start line from your hotel.
  • Emergency medical treatment & transportation.


  • Rs. 500 will be deducted for any refunds up-till 25th Jan 2021
  • Rs. 1000 will be deducted from ticket price for any refunds after 25th Jan – 13th Feb 2021
  • No refunds will be made for cancellation requests after 13th Feb 2021.

All information mentioned under RACE OVERVIEW section.

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