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Interns & Crews

From the very inception of La Ultra in 2010, it has become clear that even the most seasoned ultra runners can’t get very far without the crew and volunteers. Even though we are now having far shorter categories, it also makes participants to be a lot more novice at running anywhere, let alone at high altitudes. If there ever is a running event which is a team sport, it definitely is La Ultra. Crew members form a big part of the La Ultra and we are grateful for all those who support us.

Above all, we invite individuals who can give us the necessary time and effort to contribute with passion. We seek the support of crew members in many areas; but here are some areas with volunteering opportunities:

– Medic: doctor, physio
– Photography: still, video
– Blog / vLog
– Social Media
– Marketing / Promotion
– Column / Articles
– Painting / Drawing
– Event Management
– Pacers
– Fund raisers

Same opportunities are available for interns.

Even though you might be interested in a particular role, it then wouldn’t mean that other activities will not be given to you. Think of your chosen role as your ‘major’ in college and the rest being minor.

Partners & Collaborators

We’ve taken on a mammoth effort and we can’t do it alone. Whether it be organising LaDakh Ultra Fest, putting the run together, promoting local talent or trying to leave Zero Carbon FootPrint, we’ll need a lot of your help.

Also, if you are keen to sponsor or partner in some other way, please reach out to us.

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