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La Ultra April 2022

April edition (April 30, 2022 ) will have 11, 22, 33, 55 and 111 k categories, so come along and enjoy LaDakh. We do appreciate that this will attract who are not seasoned runners. For the sake of your safety, we are going to be strict. We have laid down non-negotiable rules so that you can enjoy your La Ultra experience to the fullest.

We appreciate all your efforts as much as our longest categories. We will take care of you equally and will be there each step of the way to cheer for you.


It is mandatory that by 31st March 2022 you run the distances you plan to run at La Ultra April 2022 edition (April 30, 2022)  in the following times. No exceptions will be made.

  • 11 km in 2 hrs 30 min
  • 22 km in 4 hrs
  • 33 km in 6 hrs
  • 55 km in 8 hrs
  • 111 km in 16 hrs

(We will need detailed data from your wearable gadgets, smartwatches or apps, not just screenshot of distance and time.)

If you fail to meet this criteria, you can either choose the lower category or decide not to come. We will refund after deducting 25% as administrative fees and GST.

We appreciate that most Races are not the distances we have, so we suggest carry on running a bit longer to get to our distances, i.e. if you entered half marathon (21 km), keep running for another km after the finish to get to 22 km.

We appreciate that some of you would have run distances closer to our distances in good times but we still require you to run our distances by 31st March 2022 to qualify for that distance. For example if you’ve run 100 km recently in 12 hours, you still need to have run 111 km in 16 hrs by 31st March 2022. 111 km in La Ultra are like 150-160 km in the plains. Only if you would have done 111 km or more by 31st March 2022, will you have a chance of getting to 150-160 km or the time of feet you’ll need to cover 111 km at La Ultra. Your safety is extremely important to us. We will not compromise on this. Right now you might get irritated with us for this but you’ll thank us when you are running up Wari La or maybe even Chang La.

We have given a very generous time for the distances because at La Ultra you’ll have a lot of time too for all the categories. Idea there is to let you soak in your surroundings and have a fabulous time. Click as many photos as you want, be on Facebook or Instagram live, tease all your family and friends who didn’t come in real time while your are doing La Ultra. Trust us, it’s very satisfying.

Mandatory reporting dates

Below are reporting dates for different categories. All the participants have to come by these dates. There will be no compromise for anyone as this is crucial for your safety and to enjoy La Ultra. You are expected to pick your Runner’s Kit from Hotel Grand Dragon in Leh, on the dates mentioned below.

Those who don’t report on the dates mentioned below will not be allowed to start the La Ultra Run on 30th April 2022. No exceptions will be made.

21st April 2022, Thursday: 111 k category
22nd April 2022, Friday: 33 and 55 k category
23rd April 2022, Saturday: 11 and 22 k category, all crew members, interns and non-runners


The thing unique about Ladakh is high altitude, which leads to high altitude sickness. It is a great leveller. It doesn’t care how fit or unfit you are and can hit anyone. We want you to enjoy, rather than spend your time in Leh in a hospital, which no doubt is a lot better than it was a decade ago. Even though they have a separate tourist section and is probably the best government hospital in the country, we would rather have you see Ladakh.

If one doesn’t take basic precautions, high altitude sickness can easily become fatal too.

To us your safety is of prime interest, that’s why we want you to have enough time to acclimatise. There will be no compromise on late arrival. If you are accompanied by someone who is also participating but in a shorter distance with different arrival date told by us, we then recommend all in the group to arrive on the earlier date.

Cut-offs at La Ultra

  • 11 k category: 5 hrs
  • 22 k category: 6 hrs
  • 33 k category: 7 hrs
  • 55 k category: 11 hrs
  • 111 k category: 20 hrs

Please note, this is not a race. It’s a run. There will be no ranking. So, please don’t plan on running La Ultra at your Personal Best or setting your Personal Records.


11, 22, 33, & 55 k categories will start from Serthi Circle, and then move towards Wari La.

First 2 km are relatively flat and straight.

11 k category will take a u-turn where twin prayer wheels are on left at 5.5 k mark.

22 k category will take u-turn at 11 km mark.

33 and 55 k category will take u-turn at 16.5 k, point we love to call Wari La High Camp.

Again, last 2.5 kms are very flat.

Finish for 11, 22 & 33 k is the start line, i.e. Serthi Circle.

55 k runners now head towards Changa La, and take a u-turn after moving for 11 k.

They then retrace the route back to Serthi Circle and finish their endeavour. As you notice, the roads are amazingly good, almost like a runway. So, let’s runaway.

As for 111 km category, we are looking for a minimum of 50 participants before confirming it. There already has been a lot of interest even before formally announcing the run. Please click on link below to show your interest.

111 km category participants will run back to Leh. It’s pretty flattish.

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations at every km. There will be basic food and filtered water. There will be no bottled mineral water. You’ll need to carry your own sipper bottles. Also, we suggest carry your own energy foods too.

We have a reputation of surprising runners with aid stations & crew that they’ve never experienced before but it’s best to use us a backup. After all, secret to happiness in life is keep real low expectations.

Run Registration

Registration for Run is open for all categories (11, 22, 33, 55 and 111 Km).

There are two options to select from

Register for package which will include hotel bookings and itinerary plans from us. These further will have more options for both, different level hotels and itinerary.

• Only register for the run and then plan your own stay and itinerary around Leh-Ladakh

Find below the registration for the run fee structure for domestic and international participants.

Run Registration fee: This covers your run, including travel from Leh to start line of La Ultra on 30th April 2022 and then back to Leh.

Run Fee Inclusions/Exclusions



  • Run Fee
  • Flight or road travel to and from Leh
  • Aid-stations
  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Getting from Leh to Serthi Circle (start line) and back on 30th April
  • Travel in Ladakh
  • Medical support
  • Accommodation in Leh / Ladakh
  • Filtered water during Leh stay and run
  • Sipper Water Bottle
  • La Ultra April 2022 edition t-shirt
  • Fest and itinerary
  • Meals
  • Mineral water, cold drinks and liquor

  • Your running shoes and gear
  • Other La Ultra merchandise besides La Ultra April 2022 edition t-shirt

Domestic Adventure Cover

Us opening up La Ultra, which has been called the cruelest race in the world, to everyone by introducing 11, 22, 33, 55 and 111 km categories, we need to be aware that our success is in getting all you in good health back to your loved ones. We need to be aware that High Altitude Sickness can be affect any of us. We will not risk anyone. Also, in these COVID times, as much as we all are trying to be optimistic and get back to our lives, realistically, we have no clue what the future holds for us. This cover will address trip (event) cancellations, interruptions and delays. It’ll cover checked-in baggage loss, delay and even missed connections. 

Please click on 11/22/33 km category or 55 and 111 km category to know about the inclusions and details of insurance coverage.


Gear (mandatory)

  • Warm cap
  • Bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Dri fit cap / hat with neck cover
  • Base layer – dri fit
  • Dri fit t-shirts
  • Fleece (insulation layer 1)
  • Down jacket (insulation layer 2) comfortable to minus 10 C
  • Hard shell – wind + water proof
  • Gloves – wind + water proof
  • Base layer tight (legs)
  • Running shorts
  • Outer layer pants (wind resistant)
  • Running shoes – 2 pairs
  • Running socks – 2-5 pairs depending on duration of the run.
  • Warm socks – full length
  • Head torches + reflective vest (we’ll provide also)
  • Hydration pack / handheld sipper
  • Insulated trekking pants

Optional Gear

  • Down feather boot
  • Run time energy solutions, gels etc.
  • Trail shoes – for any trail explorations during acclimatisation days. 
  • Hiking poles

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