Run And Bee Clinic

Dr. Rajat Chauhan will be looking at your running form, your running shoes and your running mind, besides your running soles. He’ll not teach you how to run, but give you the confidence that you can, because you can.

Dr. Rajat will be taking next Run and Bee Clinic outdoor session on coming Sunday August 29, 2021 for one hour starting from 6:00 am onwards. 

Details of venue will be shared once you register successfully.

Who is it for?

Anyone who runs, wants to run, dreams of running, is married, is planning on getting married, has a steady girl or boy friend, or is time pass only, even those who aspire to have one or more, also those who are fed up with them. Patriots & scuds, those who have children or not, those who have parent or not, teachers & students, employees & employers, unemployables, unemployed, super busy, and all the other remaining insignificant beings.

What will it involve?

He’ll video record your running form to help you with moving more efficiently. You’ve simply forgotten how to run so he’ll not even attempt to teach you to run, because it’s a basic instinct of being human.

Not that being human is a compliment any more.

One life. Live it.

Session Fee: Rs. 2500 (inclusive of all taxes)

To participate you need to register and pay in advance through the following form.

Since you are still with us, you definitely deserve to be seen by ‘him’. When you come for your ass-ess-ment with ‘him’, please get a bag full of your shoes – running, casual & formal. Come wearing shorts & a smile from ear to ear.
Keep miling and smiling.