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PUSH - Run & Bee

A 32 days commitment to self where we’ll focus on three primary exercises, namely Push Up, Squats & Heel Raises (PUSH).

We will build up over first 31 days and on 32nd day we’ll commit to 33, 55, 111, 222, 333 or 555 of the three exercises.

As warm-up we’ll do Skipping (if no rope, it’s ok too) or Spot Jogging.

Exercises are done every evening at 7:00 PM online via Zoom/YouTube where we all together do these exercises. Dr. Rajat Chauhan and his team will help us with the correct form and progression of exercises.

You can also do the exercises any time of the day.

Next camp (PUSH – V) is starting from Thursday July 15, 2021

Participation Fee

Normally for such camps we charge ₹1,999.

Now it’s optional because we don’t want money to be a barrier for someone not to join. Also, if you would like to give more to cover for someone else, please feel free.

You have the choice to pay any of the sum below.

• Free

• ₹333

• ₹555

• ₹777

• ₹999

• ₹1,555

• ₹1,999

It’s free for doctors, nurses, journalists and all other Covid-19 frontline workers. We would highly recommend that you spread the word around amongst all of them so they can join in and break the monotony of the regular busy schedule and focus on their own health as well.

What you get:

  • It’ll include daily group exercises sessions at 7 pm for the 32 days where your questions about health & fitness will be addressed too.
  • e-certificate

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