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The High Camp - Run & Bee

  • Too much emphasis is paid on speed and distance when running is a magical tool to connect you with your own self. That is the main objective of this program, hence Run & Bee.

  • We’ll focus a lot on creating a solid yet supple foundation, so you can hold your own when those crazy storms in life and running will come along. It reminds me of Bruce Lee’s statement: be like water my friend.

  • We’ll remind you how you moved as a child, because most of us have spent too much time sitting on our royal backsides, and have forgotten the basics, like moving and breathing.

  • We’ll give a lot of emphasis to exercises, recovery & psychology to reduce injuries & hurdles that otherwise keep discouraging you to start.

  • It is meant for you if have chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension etc, long term pains like Knee or Back Pain or if emotionally Covid-19 has been awful for you.

  • And age is overrated. If you can walk, then you can run too, not to run but to liberate yourself.

  • As a good by-product, those distances and times will keep improving.

  • Yes, we are talking about 5, 10 and 21 kms. And now 33 kms too. This is both to get to these distances and to even become better at them.

  • For first 32 days (14th June 2021) you follow the program we’ll share with you

  • On the 33rd day (16th July 2021), you’ll RACE YOUR SELF

  • You’ll get a t-shirt and e-certificate

Program Details

  • 2 morning and 2 evening exercise sessions by team at Back 2 Fitness clinic Sports Physiotherapists: normally cost ₹4,000 but are complementary for this program
  • Weekly No Ledge e-session with Dr. Rajat Chauhan
  • Using Dr. Rajat Chauhan’s experience of 36 years of running, 20 years of guiding people to run better and injury free, he’ll address all your concerns to the best of his capabilities
  • Dr. Rajat Chauhan will share things we all take for granted and also take questions 
  • These sessions normally would cost ₹2,500 but are complementary for this program

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