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  • We all have our La Ultra that we need to face and overcome, it could be our fear or any of our challenges. The world will repeatedly tell us that it can’t be done and then we spend a lifetime fulfilling that prophecy.
  • Impossible: In 2010 we were told by the experts that running 222 km in Ladakh was impossible. We had a finisher. In 2014 we had a 333 km finisher and in 2019 we had 3 finishers for the 555 km category.
  • Now it’s time for you to take on your La Ultra, whether it is starting from cOuch to 5 km, 5 km to 11 km or 11 km to 22 km in 100 days. It is a beginner program, focusing on keeping you consistent and disciplined.
  • La Ultra team, the one that has been making impossible possible in Ladakh all these years, will be there with you each step of the way. We’ll not attempt to teach you running as you knew running pretty well when you were a child, just that you’ve forgotten. We’ll remind you how you moved.

What to expect

We do have a training plan for running, exercises and running drills, but those can be gotten from anywhere on the net. The La Ultra team and mentors will make it unique by supervising your routine and making sure you stay on track.

You’ll have a running mentor, we like to call Running Mom, who’ll check on you regularly. They’ll keep getting you back on track. You’ll have a weekly program shared with you week to week basis. You’ll have exclusive weekly session on zoom talking about basics of running & motivation, where your Running Moms will be joined by your Running Grand Mom, i.e. Rajat. We’ll answer all your queries.

We’ll also create a group for you on WhatsApp or Telegram where you’ll interact with each other. This is going to be extremely powerful to keep you going for the 100 days, specially when you don’t feel like. Some days you’ll encourage others.

You will also be mentoring 5 other people in your life, could be family, friends or foes to get off their back sides too and get moving.

We’ll be there with you each step of the way.

What not to expect

As much as Rajat is a Sports Medicine doctor and specialises in conservative management of back and knee pain, none of the advice here will is to be treated as medical advice.

Story so far

We’ve been organising Run & Bee 🐝 mentoring program since July / August 2020 but we have been guiding runners for over two decades now, whether it be to start running, run better, faster and / or longer, as long as 555 km in Ladakh.

Run & Bee

  • GOYA (Get Off Your Arse): You are keen to get off your royal backside and get moving. We’ll be more than happy to get you to do just that. Just be consistent and engage with fellow participants and soon magic will happen too. If you already are active, you might want your slob of a loved one to get moving. Gift them health this festive season.
  • Start date: 15th January 2022
  • La Ultra April 2022 edition: if you end up doing 11 or 22 km by 28th February 2022, you’ll qualify to participate at La Ultra April 2022 edition in LaDakh.
  • Bee a better you: Too much emphasis is paid on speed and distance when running is a magical tool to connect you with your own self. That is the main objective of this program, hence Run & Bee.
  • Goal 🥅: Most of us tend to start and stick with an exercise and running plan when that journey has a clear cut destination. For that reason we’ll also focus on events, to begin with upcoming 100 days challenge & La Ultra – The High (Ladakh, April 2022) and get you running up there.
  • No goal: If you are one of those rare people who can focus on your fitness and running journey without any race in mind but you still are interested in being part of the program, super awesome, you’ll fit right in. That’s where the name Run & Bee 🐝  comes from. Just Run & Be(e).
  • Bee a better you: Too much emphasis is paid on speed and distance when running is a magical tool to connect you with your own self. That is the main objective of this program, hence Run & Bee.
  • Solid & Supple: We’ll focus a lot on creating a solid yet supple foundation, so you can hold your own when those crazy storms in life and running come along. 
  • Move like a child: We’ll remind you how you moved as a child, because most of us have spent too much time sitting on our royal backsides, and have forgotten the basics, like moving and breathing.
  • Hurdles: We’ll give a lot of emphasis to exercises, recovery & psychology to reduce injuries & hurdles that otherwise keep discouraging you to start.
  • Dis-ease: It is meant for you if you have chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension etc, long term pains like Knee or Back Pain or if emotionally Covid-19 has been awful for you.
  • Age: It is overrated. If you can walk, then you can run too, not to run but to liberate yourself.
  • Where: It’s an online plan. We’ve already had people join in from 20+ cities from different countries from all over.
  • Fast & Long: As a good by-product, those distances and times will keep improving. We’ll follow a basic philosophy to get you faster and run longer. ‘If you want to run as fast as you can, slow down.’
  • Medal & e-certificates: When you attempt each of your mutually decided goals, you will get a medal and e-certificate, whether you do it on your own or participate in the event.
  • Merchandise: You’ll be proud to own our merchandise including t-shirts, jackets, bandana, mugs, car bumper stickers etc., but we don’t want to impose them on you. If you want them, you can buy them.

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